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Free Courses

We at probog trying to impart the free knowledge of various technologies like Python, AI, Cloud, C++, Java, Node.js, Dev-ops etc. These courses will be created by the mentors who will signup on our platform. All of the courses on probog.com are free and will always remain free.

Choose Best Mentors

Based on ratings or your needs, you can always hire a personal mentor for you. We believe that mentorships provide you with a certain path to follow rather wandering around from one tutorial to others. Mentors can help you in various aspects like one-on-one mentorship, personal projects, building a product etc.

For Mentors

We believe that a mentor can change lives so he/she should be awarded accordingly. :) We will be monetizing your blog or courses hence you will be getting paid for what you have spent your time on creating that content.

Why you should create courses?

This will increase your credibility as a mentor and will also help you in building trust in your students that they are in right hands.

We are strictly against plagiarism. If any mentor found guilty of copying another mentor's content without giving any credits may lead to a permanent ban from the Probog